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IPhone X components cost as much as $581, more than two times that of iPhone 7

San September 19th, according to foreign media reports, Apple’s new conference launched in September 12th iPhone X, parts costs as high as $581, is iPhone 7 more than two times. Given the cost of iPhone X parts, is the United States Financial Services Company Haina International Group, after their investigation, obtained the iPhone X parts cost of $581 conclusion.
IPhone X
And Apple launched in September last year, iPhone 7, parts costs only $248, iPhone X $581, more than two times iPhone 7, still more than 85 U. S. dollars.
Although the iPhone X parts cost up to $333, the price is $649 higher than the iPhone 7 $350, Apple seems to earn more, but actually not, iPhone X profit margins could be lower than 7 iPhone.
IPhone X costs $418 for parts and components, and costs $401 for iPhone 7. The iPhone X does earn more from the difference between the price and the cost of components.

Apple family screen necessary! TV is not just iPhone’s best accessory

Arrived in September, entered Apple Corp bully screen season. This year is iPhone listed tenth years, as a ten years of routine skills of “old drivers”, how can not seize this point to make a big fuss about it? IPhone X turned out to be a beautiful Rondo kick for iPhone 8, who had been blindfolded all over the screen.
IPhone X high force grid natural needless to say, OLED full screen, like light effect, small styling bangs and face recognition has to be king of the title, but this time is completely out of the “arcade” title, also need to draw a question mark. After all, the “comprehensive screen” concept has been hot, domestic manufacturers almost every family can take out a comprehensive screen, so in fact, this iPhone X comprehensive screen, and not as amazing as you imagine.
In this age of “experience is king”, “visual experience” must be satisfied, so the mobile phone with more and more screens. From iPhone4’s 3.5 inch glass screen to iPhone6’s 4.7 inch screen, to 5.8 inches of double-sided glass, a full screen of iPhoneX, Apple has also strengthened the belief that the screen will be bigger. In order to meet the premise of portable, with the largest screen share to the user’s best visual experience degree, which is Apple Corp’s original full screen concept.

Nostalgic style: this bracket allows iPhone to turn old TV

For many iPhone users, an interesting accessory can bring more fun into our lives. Today, we’re going to introduce you to a bracket called Retroduck iPhone, which can turn your iPhone into an old TV style.
Retroduck is a fairly simple iPhone bracket that allows iPhone speakers to resonate in the space inside the scaffold to achieve a more loud sound.
In addition, Retroduck uses modular design. You can use different modules for the TV set, such as the bottom bracket, the antenna at the top and the buttons on the front panel, etc..
When users put the iPhone into the Retroduck, you can charge through the Lightning cable, and now this product supports iPhone 6 and above models.
For those who want to watch TV on iPhone, Retroduck is a great choice, and it can provide better sound effects besides the retro style.
Are you interested in this accessory?

Apple brand introduction

Brand name iPhone, apple, mobile phone ten major brands “artificial intelligence AI ten brands”
America, the birthplace of brands
Enterprise name Apple Corp
IPhone, an intelligent mobile phone developed by Apple Corp, is equipped with iOS operating system developed by Apple Corp. The first generation iPhone was launched in January 9, 2007 by Steve Jobs, the former CEO of Apple Corp, and was officially released in June 29th of that year.
History of iPhone development
The Apple Corp began developing iPhone
In 2004, Apple Corp convened more than 1000 internal staff iPhone R & D team, started a highly classified project, the Apple Corp’s chief executive officer Steve Jobs from the original focus such as tablet computer from iPad to mobile phone to.
In January 9, 2007, Jobs revealed the first generation of iPhone in the 2007 annual meeting of the Apple Corp global software developers conference in San Francisco Convention and Exhibition center. Apple first entered the mobile phone market in 2005, when apple and Motorola launched a iTunes mobile phone – Motorola Rockr. In theory, though, the device combines mobile with music, but it doesn’t really appeal to consumers.
IPhone 3G
IPhone 3G officially launched in July 11, 2008, the mobile phone in the design of the previous generation iPhone than there is not much change, but it supports 3G network, mobile data transmission faster, at the same time, the mobile phone has many good features, such as GPS. In addition, Apple also released its mobile app store App Store.
IPhone 4
By the iPad east wind, Apple released iPhone 4 in June 7, 2010. Jobs praised the design of iPhone4 because it offered a whole new industry design. Apple calls iPhone4 the biggest leap since the first iPhone.
In October 4, 2011, Apple released its fifth generation iPhone, the iPhone 4S. The mobile phone uses the iOS 5 system, and has been integrated with Twitter. In addition, iOS 5 system also launched the voice assistant Siri.
IPhone 5
In September 2012, Apple released the iPhone 5, which increased its screen size to 4 inches. IPhone5 introduces the iOS 6 system, which integrates Facebook.
In September 10, 2013, the Apple Corp in the United States of California Cupertino high-profile news conference, said the launch of two new iPhone models: iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S. IPhone 5C, a mid priced mobile phone, is designed to increase the price flow.
IPhone 6
Beijing time on September 10, 2014 at 1 am, a Apple Corp in California, Flint Nord Beatty library Ansari Art Center officially released its new generation of products iPhone 6. IPhone 6 uses 4.7 inches screen resolution of 1334 x 750 pixels, built-in apple A8 processor 64 bit architecture, performance is very obvious; at the same time also collocation the new M8 coprocessor, which is designed for health applications; uses 8 million pixels rear camera, front 1 million 200 thousand pixel high-definition camera FaceTime HD and added Touch ID support fingerprint; for the first time in recognition, but also a new NFC function; three Netcom mobile phone, 4G LTE connection speed of up to 150Mbps, supports up to 20 LTE band.
Beijing time on September 10, 2015, the United States Apple Corp issued the iPhone 6s. Beijing time on September 25, 2015. The new iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus has a number of upgrades, the shell is made of 7000 series Aluminum Alloy, strength than the previous generation is greatly enhanced; the processor upgrade to more rapid A9 series touch screen with a pressure touch on the Macbook (Force Touch) technology, and was named the “3D touch”, allegedly can tap, press and press the depth between three kinds of mode of operation, due to the pressure of touch technology, the new iPhone thickness will increase.
Beijing time on 22 March 21, 2016, iPhone SE officially released, iPhone SE continue to use the iPhone 5S appearance, in addition to the 4 inch screen, not much difference between iPhone and 6S, iPhone SE Live Photos and Apple Pay support, but does not support 3D Touch, iPhone SE and iPhone performance, the performance of a 6S as strong, the 64 bit A9 processor and M9 co processor, the apple iPhone SE that is the biggest upgrade battery.
IPhone 7
IPhone 7 was released at the Bill Graham municipal auditorium in San Francisco, USA, at 1 a.m. on September 8, 2016, Beijing time. With gold, silver, rose, gold, black, piano, black five colors, Home keys new design, adding vibration feedback. Support waterproof and dustproof function, double camera, anti shake function, add faster processor. The camera processor ISP throughput is two times the original. Live photo is even more powerful, and developers can also call RAW’s API camera. Front camera upgrade to 7 million pixels, support anti shake function.

What about iPhone8?

Beijing time on September 13th at 1 in the morning, Apple Corp in the Jobs theater held a new autumn conference, officially released including iPhone 8, iPhone 8, Plus and iPhone 10th Anniversary Commemorative Edition iPhone X (10). IPhone X obviously is the protagonist of this conference, iPhone8 and iPhone8 plus seems to be only 7 of Apple’s simple upgrade, it is difficult to satisfactory. This article will provide you with information about iPhone8 and iPhone8plus.
The apple iPhone brand: the United States Apple Corp developed a series of intelligent mobile phone, the first generation iPhone was released in 2007, founder of the large touch-screen smart mobile phone era, because of its unique iOS operating system and welcomed by consumers. From the birth of the first generation iPhone so far has been 10 years, so there is a 2017 10th anniversary anniversary iPhone the advent of X.
The name: Apple iPhone8/ 8 (plus)
The apple brand: iPhone
The iPhone8 listing date: September 15, 2017
The fuselage memory: 64GB/256GB
The operation of memory: iPhone8 memory to run 2GB iPhone8 plus is 3GB
The body color: Golden deep grey silver
The price of iPhone8:
IPhone8 memory 64GB BNM sells for $5888256GB $7188;
IPhone8 plus memory 64GB BNM sells for $6688256GB $7988
The iPhone8/iPhone8 plus parameter
Main screen size: 4.7 inches /5.5 inches
Main screen resolution: 1920×1080 pixels
Rear camera: iPhone8 single 12 million pixels; iPhone8 plus dual 12 million pixel camera
Front camera: 7 million pixels
Battery capacity: iPhone8, battery capacity 1821mAh; iPhone8 plus, battery capacity 2675mAh
CPU model: A11

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